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Bendix Coffee Roasters, an Elkhart-based coffee company established in 2013, is a family-owned venture by Alex and Desirae Mast. With a strong commitment to quality, community engagement, and making a positive impact, Bendix Coffee Roasters has become a local favorite.

 For nearly a decade, we've actively supported community events and fundraisers, providing specialty blends like the South Bend Blend to local businesses and customers. Our dedication to excellence extends to creating customized coffee blends for local restaurants.

 In addition to serving our local community, Bendix Coffee Roasters has expanded its reach. We now offer our premium coffee for sale online and in select grocery stores. This allows coffee enthusiasts far and wide to enjoy the rich flavors and quality that Bendix Coffee Roasters has become known for.

 As a family-owned business committed to making a difference, we take pride in crafting exceptional coffee that brings people together and contributes to the well-being of our community. Bendix Coffee Roasters is more than just a coffee company; it's a commitment to delivering the finest coffee experience to our customers, wherever they may be.


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Family Owned Business

Family Owned, Always Fresh

At Bendix Coffee, we're a family-owned business that genuinely cares about our customers. We're Alex and Desirae Mast, and we're thrilled to welcome you into our coffee-loving community.

 Whether you prefer shopping online or visiting one of our retail locations, finding Bendix Coffee is easy with our locator map. 

If you're a business in need of coffee, reach out to us at bendixcoffee@gmail.com or fill out a wholesale inquiry form on our "wholesale partners" tab – we'd love to work with you.

 We also offer fundraising opportunities because we believe in using our coffee to make a positive impact. What sets us apart is that we roast to order, ensuring your coffee arrives at your doorstep as fresh as possible.

 At Bendix Coffee, we're more than just a coffee brand; we're a connection to a community that appreciates exceptional coffee. Join us, and let's share stories and savor great coffee together.

About Us