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Mazzer Robur S Eletronic Black

Mazzer Robur S Eletronic Black

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One of the highest performing grinders available, the Robur S Electronic is designed to keep retention to an absolute minimum even when used in a high volume location. Featuring a completely redesigned grinding chamber and chute, the Robur S Electronic provides a 52% reduction in retention from previous models while also keeping any spraying down to a minimum for an extremely clean workspace.


An ideal commercial coffee grinder who's home is a high-volume coffee shop, the historic Italian brand, Mazzer espresso grinders, has completely redesigned the new Mazzer Robur Electronic. Only the motor and burrs have remained the same from the original Mazzer Robur E, and the Robur S. It's almost a completely different grinder with the same trustworthiness of Mazzer's decades-long stint on your favorite bar's counter!

52% Reduction in Retention

The new Mazzer Robur S boasts a 52% reduction in retention over the previous model. Which contributed to overall coffee freshness and the reduction of waste. Achieved with the complete design of the Mazzer Robur S grinding chamber and lower burr carrier, it's one of the most significant improvements that Mazzer has made in years to the Robur. Additionally, this redesign of the lower burr carrier makes the Robur S incredibly easy to clean.

Easy to Clean

A redesigned lower burr carrier allows for easy cleaning on the new Mazzer Robur S. Never lose your grind setting while cleaning as the upper burr is entirely stationary while the lower does the adjusting.

Grind Flow Control System (GFC)

The GFC System consists of a removable aluminum outlet insert with three interchangeable wire dampers. There are three dampers available for a hybrid solution, anti-clumping, and anti-dust, which can be purchased separately from the Mazzer Robur. The most versatile of the three wire dampers is pre-installed and shipped with the Mazzer Robur S that is best for most coffee origins, roast profiles, weather conditions, or barista preferences. The Grind Flow Control System (GFC) assists in superior clump reduction, particle size distribution, and reduces mess on your counter. It’s digital display makes everything easy to control and adjust.

Cooling System

The Robur S has a two-fan cooling system. Maintaining internal low-temperature even while grinding in a high-volume coffee shop is imperative to the preservation of flavor and aroma of your coffees. The first fan on the Mazzer Robur S is affixed directly to the 800 W motor allowing for continuous cooling during the grinding cycle or dose. After your dose has completed a second low-voltage fan located at the back of the body of the grinder spins for 30-seconds to maintain internal temperature to avoid fluctuations harmful to the subtlest nuances of your coffees.

Programming & Dosing

The programming and dose settings on the Mazzer Robur S are very similar to the Mazzer Robur E. One additional feature on the Robur S' programming is the barista pause feature. Barista pause allows for a programmed break during dosing. Insert your portafilter, press the desired dose, grinding will pause at the preprogrammed time, press the same desired dose button again, and resume the remainder of your desired dose.

When you're adjusting your grinder finer you must always have it running so you do not jam the burrs! It’s one of the best coffee grinders on the market.

Height 28.5 in.
Width 10 in.
Depth 11.5 in.
Hopper Capacity 1600 g
Weight 62 lbs.
Burr Size 71 mm
Burr Material Steel
Flat or Conical Conical
Grind Adjustment Type Stepless Collar Adjustment
Average Output 3.5 g/s
Dose Setting(s) 3
Other Specifications
Motor Speed 500 RPM
Power 800 W
Outlet Rating 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)
Equipped with Fan Yes
Start Dose Button


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