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Quick Mill QM67 Evo

Quick Mill QM67 Evo

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Classic Italian espresso at its finest. The QM67 Evo from Quick Mill is a compact dual boiler espresso machine guaranteed to wow any guests at a party. Fully insulated stainless steel boilers give you the ability to make back-to-back drinks with a snappy rebound. Also helpful is the large 3L reservoir located on the top just beneath the cup warming tray. A small but not overlooked design feature we love is the beautiful ice blue PID LED display for monitoring boiler temperature. The Dual manometer isn’t too shabby looking either!


The Quick Mill QM67 makes no compromises either while winning that designation in our book. The QM67 is the perfect espresso machine for someone who would like to simultaneously steam milk and brew espresso and not take up their entire counter. It’s surprisingly small size doesn’t skimp on looks or features either! This nearly all stainless steel machine (boilers included) made in Italy is one that you will enjoy for years to come!


As great as the Quick Mill QM67 will look on your counter, the drinks you’ll be able to make with it will equally impress anyone in your home. The PID controlled and fully insulated stainless steel boilers will give you the ultimate entertainment power! Making back-to-back drinks has never taken less time with better rebound when making multiple lattes or espressos. With the double boiler’s increased temperature stability and large service boiler producing quality drinks in no time for your guests with the QM67’s ample steam power could not be more rewarding. Not using the steam (service) boiler? Each boiler is independently controlled with its own power switch so it’s easy to turn one on at a time to save energy!

While the QM67 cannot be plumbed in, the large three-liter reservoir can be easily accessed with the hinged cup warming tray, allowing you to refill your water tank without the need to remove the warming tray or move your cups. When your reservoir is low, the low water sensor will audibly alert you to refill. In addition to the easily accessed reservoir with convenient low-water sensor, your expansion valve adjustment to alter pump pressure of your vibratory pump can be found underneath your cup warming tray.

Dual Manometer

A midnight blue manometer located just to the left of the sturdy E61 group provides instantaneous feedback to the user making it easy to monitor pump pressure (lower section) and service boiler pressure (upper section) throughout use. To make easier adjustments to pump pressure the QM67’s expansion valve is even easier to access. Located underneath the cup warmer, all you’ll need to make adjustments to your vibratory pump is either a large flathead screwdriver or a coin. Remember that when you’re looking at the brewing pressure, located on the lower section of the dual manometer, you’re reading the resistance at the group. To get an accurate reading of brew pressure while making adjustments use the included backflush disc within either of the portafilters which are also included.

PID with Shot Timer

Each fully insulated stainless steel boiler’s internal boiler temperature is controlled with great accuracy utilizing the Quick Mill brushed stainless steel PID. The QM67’s easy to read ice blue LED display gives one of the most important variables on your coffee, temperature, a more prominent look on the bottom right by your cam (brew) lever. Not only does the PID look great but it also functions brilliantly.

What’s a PID?

The PID is a devise that allows for extreme temperature stability by accurately monitoring the water temperature and keeping it within a small range. Unlike a thermostat that simply shuts off when the set temperature is reached, causing it to continue to heat up or cool down after it’s off the PID will give little pulses of energy when needed to keep the temperature within the desired range.

The group head itself is 8 lbs. of chrome plated brass which plays a vital role in keeping your water temperature stable when making it’s way from the boiler to the cup ensuring only the best shot of espresso with minimal heat loss!

Energy Savings

With the addition of the new PID Quick Mill added some new energy-saving modes within its programming. The programming can be turned on or off easily just by lifting the brew lever while the machine is off. The two independently controlled eco modes:

  1. Turn off the service (steam) boiler after 60 minutes of non-use
  2. Turn off both boilers after 120 minutes of non-use

Technical Notes

  • Resettable Hi-Limit
  • Easy to remove outer shell for servicing
  • Low water sensor
  • Stainless steel boilers

Included with the QM67

  • 1 double spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 single spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 stainless steel back flush disk
  • 1 58mm metal tamper with wood handle
  • 2-Hole Steam Tip
  • 4-Hole Steam Tip
Height 16.25 in.
Width 11.25 in.
Depth 17.75 in.
Cup Clearance 5.75 in.
Weight 50 lbs.
Voltage 110 V
Amperage 15 A
Wattage 1100 / 600 W
Outlet Requirements 60 Hz / 110 V (Some Exceptions Apply)
Other Specifications
Boiler(s) Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Size 1 / .75 L
Certifications None
Reservoir Size BPA Free 3 L
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